The Love of Wood | The Passion to Build

Wood Works Tampa Bay is deeply committed to wood and furniture making. It stems from a love of wood, a deep appreciation of natural beauty, and a passion for designing furniture that provides beauty and function that lasts a lifetime.


The company was formed in 2021 and is owned by the Ambrose Design Group. Wood Works Tampa Bay, along with its sister company, Get Me Cabinets, is run by Jess Lobdill.  He is the Shop and Fabrication Manager and is the heart and soul of the company.  Just like trees live and breathe the air around them, to excel in making solid wood furniture, you have to live and breathe craftsmanship.  Craftsmanship starts with a deep knowledge of and appreciation for trees.

This poem sums up our appreciation.

Our Management Team

Jess Lobdill

If you ask Jess a question about wood or furniture making, plan to be listening for a while.  That’s because Jess will answer your question with his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm.  His passion for wood and furniture making just takes over, and he loves to share it. Jess has been building wood furniture and accessories for most of his life. Running his own shop and being responsible for the operation and staff is the culmination of decades of experience and a drive to succeed. He balances running the business side of the operation with his inner artist, resulting in beautiful pieces of furniture art delivered on time and on budget.

Ashley Lobdill

Ashley has great organization and communication skills.  Those skills help her excel in her roles as office manager, project coordinator, digital marketing manager, and shipping director.  She handles customer service, keeps projects on track, creates and schedules social media posts, and handles shipping.  While she loves working with customers and shooting videos, her favorite thing about her job is the customer
reaction when they deliver the furniture. She says, “The look on the customer’s face and hearing them say, ‘It’s so much better than I ever imaged,’ never gets old.  It’s really special.”  


Buddy is Wood Working Tampa Bay’s shop mascot and Nap-Taker-in-Chief.  During the week, he spends his awake time mostly in the shop, watching over projects and collecting sawdust in his fur. While he loves seeing projects completed, his favorite thing about his job is hearing the lid on his treat jar open.