Custom Furniture

Custom-made furniture by Wood Works Tampa Bay is the perfect solution for special furniture needs. 
You may need a piece that fills a certain space.  Maybe in your travels, you’ve seen a design you love and want to incorporate it into a custom piece for your home. Or you may want a one-of-a-kind showpiece that friends and family can’t stop talking about. Those are the times to contact Wood Works Tampa Bay. 

  • Our Speciality

    We specialize in custom-made solid wood furniture and build it in our professional woodshop. We are located in the Tampa Bay Area, so each piece is American-made with wood from American forests. We have the experience, skill, and attention to craftsmanship needed to create stunning and memorable pieces for your home and office.

  • The Process

    The process is simple. Just contact us and tell us what type of furniture you want us to buildWe will work with you to create the design true to your vision.  You select the materials and finishes.  It can be simple or elaborate.  Then, we build and deliver it often in less time than it takes a furniture store to order a piece they don’t have in stock.

  • Your Involvment

    Your level of involvement is up to you.  You can be deeply involved in every aspect of design and materials, or just tell us the basics, and we can take it from there.  Either way, our team will be responsive and deliver your custom furniture, hand-crafted to perfection, just the way you want it, and made exclusively for you.

To Get Started on Your Project

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